iOS 16 Compatibility

iOS 16 Art

Another year and another iOS update! 🙌🏻
Here are my current apps and their compatibility with iOS 16… 

Daily Sage:

Version 1.6.2 operates on iOS 15 as expected (for both iPhone and iPad).
If you update your iPhone to iOS 16 (the newest version of iPadOS is not yet available), Daily Sage may quit unexpectedly (loading the daily quote artwork). While the app worked throughout the beta process, an unknown bug was introduced in Apple’s final release. I’m working to identify and fix that bug and hope to release a minor update soon.


Unfortunately, the current version is incompatible with iOS 15 and iOS 16. 😒

I’m still working on version 2, but it’s still not ready.

Version 2 is written from the ground up and includes an all-new design.
When released, “TimeCruncher 2.0” will meet Apple’s newest compliance requirements and introduce a few requested features. 🥳

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