iOS 15 Compatibility

Another year and another iOS update! 🙌🏻
Here is a list of my apps and their compatibility with iOS 15. 

Daily Sage:

Version 1.6.2 (for both iPhone and iPad) operates on iOS 15 as expected.


Unfortunately, the current version is incompatible with iOS 15. 😒

I’m actively working on version 2, and while I was hoping to have the new version available before iOS 15 was released, or (at the very least) by the end of this calendar year, it’s still not ready.

Version 2 is written from the ground up and includes an all-new design.
When released, “TimeCruncher 2.0” will meet Apple’s newest compliance requirements and introduce a few requested features. 🥳

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TBH, I’m bummed to announce that Knowtify is being depreciated.
The app will no longer be available for sale as of January 1, 2022.

After deliberation, it seemed best to table development and focus efforts on other applications.

Knowtify was developed to help people alert friends and family that they arrived home safely. Sadly, my best (marketing) efforts weren’t enough to give it the life it deserved. 🤦🏻‍♂️

If you recently subscribed to the app, it will continue to work through 2022. Although not fully optimized, it is compatible with iOS 15.

If you were a user/fan, thank you for your support!

POPtorious! & POP Jr!:

Unfortunately, POPtorious (our first app!) and its sister app, POP Jr!, are also being depreciated. I had hoped to breathe new life into both, but I have encountered several roadblocks over the last few years. Rather than teasing fans, I have decided to postpone update development indefinitely.

Thank you for your support, and appreciate your patience as I update my app portfolio. I’m doing my best to develop NEW and EXCITING apps. 

Despite COVID-19’s persistence, I’m chugging along and have many exciting updates and new apps on my roadmap. I can’t wait to share them with you –––– soon!