Apple released iOS 13 in late September.
Here is a list of all of our apps and their compatibility with iOS 13. 

Daily Sage:

We are finishing work on our next, supplemental release version 1.6 (for both iPhone and iPad). It will include a host of bug fixes and compatibility with iOS 13’s “Dark Mode.” We hope to have it released and on your iOS devices by the end of this month. 


We’re working on a major update to our popular TimeCruncher app. Until it’s ready, the current version (tho not optimized for the iPhone X series) is 64-bit and will run on any iOS13 compatible device. 


Though not optimized for the iPhone X series, Knowtify is also 64-bit and will run on any iOS13 compatible device. 

Spam Alert:

After much debate, we have decided to retire our first “flagship” app: Spam Alert. Originally designed to quell the onslaught of telemarketing, political and other spam phone calls (to mobile), Spam Alert blocked more than 1,700 offensive numbers and has helped thousands of users avoid harassing phone calls, every day. 

Mobile carriers are getting more aggressive (thanks to government and FCC legislation in the USA) in preventing spam calls. Apple’s iOS 13 now has an option to “mute” unknown callers and there are now dozens of apps that promise to help you block or stop robo-callers, much like Spam Alert did. We believe that many of these apps are better positioned (with more money and resources) to effectively protect you from mobile spam and robo-callers. While it had a good run, we have officially decided to remove Spam Alert from sale and will no longer be offering support or updates. If you were a user/fan, thank you for your support!

POPtorious! & POP Jr!:

Unfortunately, POPtorious (our first app!) and its sister app, POP Jr!, both need adjustments before they will be ready to take advantage of iOS 13. We hope to make those adjustments soon, but have removed the apps from sale until that time. At this time, we do not have a timeline for when these apps will be updated & re-released.

As always, we thank you for your support and appreciate your patience as we update our existing app portfolio. 

We have lots of exciting updates and new apps on our roadmap and we look forward to sharing them ALL with you!

update v1.0.2

+minor bug fixes associated with sharing on Facebook

update v1.0.1

+minor bug fixes associated with push notifications

POPtorious! - Party Edition Header

v1.0.0 Launched July 1, 2013

We’re proud to announce that our first, public, iOS app is currently available on the iTunes App Store.

POPtorious! – Party Edition (v1.0.0) is  is the ultimate celebrity guessing game! You and your friends act out, impersonate, describe and try to guess as many celebrity names as you can before the timer runs out!

The app features:

  • Play FREE with 250 celebrity names!
  • Cloud Sync for 1,700+ famous names & more added EVERYDAY!
  • Play with one friend, or dozens!
  • Beautiful, modern, easy-to-use interface!
  • Built-in timer automatically keeps the game fair for all players!
  • Points are automatically calculated & the results can be shared on FaceBook or Twitter!
  • Hours of entertainment in ONE simple, clean app!
  • Challenging, exciting and fun!
  • Perfect for parties, road trips or small get-togethers!

For more information and to download for FREE, click here: